Citrix announces action plan for cloud and secure mobility

In the framework of Citrix Summit 2017, Citrix introduces new Azure-based services, Smart Tools packages for migration to the cloud and support for Microsoft EMS.

In the increasing migration to the cloud, the characteristics of the transition vary between the various organizations. In fact, a Forrester global survey called Business Technographics Infrastructure Survey concluded that 38% of companies have not adopted an infrastructure in the cloud, while 23% of respondents have adopted a cloud, and 38% use two or more clouds. There is a clear need for an architecture and management platform that allows customers to manage workloads on their current infrastructure, and at the same time allow them to migrate to one or more clouds. In this context, Citrix announces new products at the Citrix Summit 2017 event in Anaheim, California, which provide the solutions, tools and support needed to help customers, regardless of what stage they are in the process of adopting the cloud. .

Packages to migrate from local licenses to Citrix Cloud, contain services that allow Citrix and Microsoft customers to deploy Windows 10 desktops on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, services to deploy applications directly on Azure, and Smart Tools to simplify the implementation of new workspaces. In addition, Citrix has announced a new initiative for Citrix Ready partners that targets the middle market, as well as products and services for mobility and network management that complement Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and provide comprehensive security and value.

“With these products and services, Citrix and Microsoft accompany their partners and customers at any time of the transition to the cloud, whether they continue with a local IT infrastructure or are migrating to deployments in a hybrid or public cloud. Or, whether they are ready to migrate everything to the cloud or wish to deploy a single application in the cloud, we have the management platform and services they need, “said P. J. Hough, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at Citrix.

Migrating local licenses to Citrix Cloud

For customers who already have XenApp or XenDesktop licenses and want to migrate to Citrix Cloud as a service, a set of transition and exchange options will be offered that will allow a smooth transition as they will allow the support of the traditional solutions of Citrix and the new Citrix Cloud managed services simultaneously. These inexpensive solutions allow existing Citrix customers with an active account or software maintenance service to obtain the value of Citrix Cloud for a cost barely greater than that of renewing traditional software maintenance service.

Deploying Windows 10 desktops in Azure

For organizations looking for a simpler way to deploy Windows 10 virtual desktops in the Microsoft Azure cloud, Citrix launched XenDesktop Essentials. Microsoft customers licensed to use Windows 10 Enterprise in the “per user” mode will have the option to manage their Windows 10 images in Azure through their XenDesktop VDI solution. Once XenDesktop Essentials is configured and running, you can administer the service using Citrix Cloud.

Implementation of applications directly in Azure

For customers wishing to deliver business applications directly from Azure, Citrix announced the launch of XenApp Essentials. This new service uses XenApp technology to provide additional administration, user experience and security functions; and it can also be an integrated service -and managed by-Citrix Cloud. XenApp Essentials will be available in the first quarter of 2017.

“The strength of our relationship with Citrix has always been our firm commitment to making our mutual customers succeed by empowering their employees to achieve more,” said Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Cloud + Enterprise at Microsoft.

Simplifying deployments in the cloud with Smart Tools
Citrix offers a new benefit for customers and partners who implement and configure applications, desktops and mobile workspaces through Citrix Cloud and presents Smart Check, Smart Scale and other capabilities and preconfigured packages that simplify and accelerate the implementation of new services for applications and virtual desktops These new solutions are added to the Smart Tools family, which facilitate the implementation and administration of Citrix work spaces and workloads.

The new Citrix Ready program aims at the middle market

The Citrix Ready program combines the benefits of Citrix Cloud with the hyper-convergent infrastructure (HCI) of partners to simplify the scalability and management of VDI environments for mid-market customers. Connect hyperconverged applications from hardware and storage vendor partners to Citrix Cloud to automate the configuration and maintenance of XenApp and XenDesktop. Thus, Citrix solution providers can offer their customers a comprehensive and scalable solution for workspace applications that takes into account the entire set of applications to reduce complexity and offer the lowest total cost of ownership.

Add-ons for Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) from Microsoft
To provide more mobility and security to its customers, Citrix and Microsoft have integrated the Unified Gateway program from Citrix NetScaler to Microsoft Intune. This solution allows IT administrators to verify end-user device compliance and status, to provide policy-based access control and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities to local applications. This solution provides more security and flexibility to customers who need new ways to manage mobile access to sensitive data and applications, while giving administrators more control at the endpoint.